Phyllis Gaffney
Healing Amid the Ruins:
The Irish Hospital, Saint-Lô (1945-46)

[Dublin, A&A Farmar, 1999]

French town in ruins... In the postwar hospital at St Lo...A ward in the Irish Hopital St Lo....

"I also found myself turning again and again
to Phyllis Gaffney's Healing Amid the Ruins 
for its fascinating account of the Irish Red Cross
in post-war Normandy."
(Jo Baker, author of A Country Road, A Tree, 2015, p. 392)

"a remarkable chapter in Irish medical history
and in the contribution of Irish medical personnel
to overseas disaster zones."
(Benjamin Keatinge, Dublin Review of Books, 1.Oct.2015)

Winner of the "Prix de la Société Française d'Histoire des Hôpitaux
(Essai Etranger)", 2000. The author was conferred with Honorary
Citizenship of Saint-Lô by a resolution of the Conseil Municipal.

A book about the devastation of war in a French town,
an Irish landing in Normandy; postwar reconstruction;
the politics of humanitarian aid; Samuel Beckett's
last job ... and a family story.  Text in English and French.

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